Thursday, July 26, 2012

Backwoods Boy

  1. I don't really think the cave artists where really trying to say anything, I simply believe that they were just painting the world around them. Freud even said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and i think that we re just reading into this too much. People have  naturally artistic side and enjoy exploring that even if its only simple drawings.
  2. Maybe the people at that time held some sort of mystic view or pedestal view of the animals in the cave maybe the depended on them for food or had some sort of religion which worshiped them. 
  3. I believe intelligence in the people is most likely forming faster than ever before because art is a huge jump from the physical world. The cave dwellers lives also heavily revolved around animals.  
  4. First of all they need the simple coordination in order to draw in the way they did, the use of colors and what makes certain colors. They would also have to find a way to draw all over the caves including the last bit which seemed to have a little drop. We also cant forget the cognitive ability to move past the physical world into putting their thoughts and sights onto the wall.
  5. The art could be a crude form of written language for storytelling or instructional purposes. The art could have been just a simple way for early man to explore themselves and the world around them. The art could also have been the equivalent of a bored kid drawing on the walls with marker. 
2. Modern art today is often use to communicate some point, look at the street art of Banksy. Visual cues usually have a powerful effect on humans even more so than the spoke word and the images can often stay with us for many many years. Modern art is also a way for people to express themselves or tell stories such as which music, this could be a simple attempt at that by the cave dwellers.

3. Country Music

  1. Personally this type of music has always been pretty dear to me, i think of it as almost story telling and a way to express yourself in a more musical way. it can be a way to play away your troubles, you can sing about a girl who broke your heart, your boss who works you to the bone or a bottle you cant seem to put down, it can sometimes be the thing that helps keep you sane.
  2. Well a tucked in button down, nice belt buckle with some worn out jeans with a skoal ring, a scuffed up pair of boots and a nice stetson with a purdy leather band is pretty stereotypical but there's no needed dress code except everyone should have a good pair of boots. There is a language i suppose its more of the language of a blue collar crowd.
  3. Music can help anyone through a hard time so of course it helps out quite a bit, and there's a few people that could learn to just cowboy up instead of complaining about life. on a more personal note a country girl and that's kept me going on more than one occasion so I do think that it can have a pretty amazing effect it just takes some people getting used to if they weren't raised around it. Only detrimental effects I could think of would be the amount of people who have been smacked for changing the radio on Hank. 

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  1. To a certain extent, I see the value of your initial comment. One thing to consider, however is that in this case, the "cigar" was costly, time-consuming and perhaps even dangerous. How likely is it that these early humans would have spend all that time collecting material, constructing the images and risking their life "just because"?

    I agree with your comment that we may be seeing an acceleration of intelligence with the advent of art. This is a huge step in our development as humans.

    For the reasons mentioned above, I'd bet the "bored kid with a marker" point isn't a reason here.

    "A good pair of boots". :-) That phrase and attitude in itself describes more about the culture than the boots themselves!

    Good post. The image is fine, but with music, I would have liked a link to video or audio of a favorite piece.